“Venus worked with students from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and with children with a huge range of needs: social emotional/ academic/behaviour.

“Students adored working with Venus. She was able to give to each child in a different way according to his/her needs – for some children it was work that helped build trust, for others work that helped the child develop confidence in his/her creativity. For other children it was work that helped the child be more expressive of his/her feelings. I observed students talking about Venus throughout the week – looking forward to their sessions, talking about something they had made/created with her. Venus always seemed so enthused and excited by the work she was doing with each child. That excitement is always contagious to me, and a reflection of positive sessions.

“One of the things I have found most powerful about Venus and where I have learned from her is her ability to have important boundaries and reflect on the “worth” of her work with a particular child. It was obvious to me that she always wanted this work to be meaningful. For example, at the beginning of the year she asked me why a particular student had been referred to art therapy. I had referred the child based on the recommendation from the previous teacher. There were many things going on at home and it was felt that this child needed an outlet and additional supports to help her with coping, feeling validated, etc. Venus continued to work with her and then came to me and said that she really didn’t feel that this child needed continued support because she was such a resilient child. I also was developing this sense of this child but having Venus articulate this allowed me to see it more clearly. Venus wrapped up their time together and this created a space for another child. Since that time, there have been continued things going on in this little girl’s life but Venus’ observations have allowed me to have a stronger case to advocate for this girl in a variety of situations. I found this extremely valuable. I respected Venus’ professional opinion. Also we looked at two other boys who were not able to continue on with Venus for various reasons in terms of their ability to attend and focus in the sessions. First, I again, admired Venus for setting boundaries and also for articulating from her perspective where these boys were at in terms of being able to benefit from this kind of intervention. Again this information has been extremely valuable to me behind the scenes for many other things going on in these children’s lives as I deal with behaviour consultants, pediatricians and the usual cast of thousands involved in many of my student’s lives. I admire Venus for being articulate, wise and assertive in her “student” role – her professionalism has been invaluable to me in terms of being able to advocate for my students and their needs. I have learned a lot from Venus this year.”

Carrie Gelson, Teacher at Seymour Elementary

The quality of work is excellent; the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.  Venus is a gifted facilitator. Venus gained and maintained the trust of our client group; was lovely to work with as well as organized and focused.”

Jackie Novik, The Kettle Friendship Society

“The art makes me feel grounded, I express my imagination. I am aware of my body and emotions. I get out of the idea of “talent” and I put my intelligence in the writing. I feel creative and have fun”

Expressive Arts group participant at the Kettle Friendship Spciety

“Venus Soberanes is an exceptional Expressive Arts Therapist who is sensitive to the needs of others.  She is sincere, expressive and creative.  Her enthusiasm and excitement is contagious and she injects each session with a sense of fun, playfulness and creativity while at the same time tapping into the depths of one’s feelings, issues, problems or traumas.  She is also an excellent mediator and peace maker and is inclusive in her practice.  As a caretaker she seeks to create and nurture unity and harmony.  Her authentic and empathetic style of communication elicits genuine mind/body/spirit expression.  She has found her calling as a modern-day shaman and healer as an Expressive Arts Therapist.  I highly recommend Venus for anyone who is interested in exploring the depths of one’s Inner Truth and Soul’s expression.”

Kagan Goh, client in private practice