Who can benefit from EXAT

There are a wide variety of reasons to start psychotherapy. Some common reasons to seek therapy are:

Experiencing a life crisis, either with health, emotional, relationship or finances

Suffering trauma

Having a mental health complication

Having low self-esteem, shyness, feeling isolated or being unable to relate to others in a healthy way

Problems with addiction

Poor self-image

Wanting to modify negative behaviours

Wanting healthier relationships

Wanting to be happier

Seeking for personal growth, self-discovery and self-expression

Wanting to re-discover art in a focused and supportive environment

There are many other reasons to want to start a therapy. Expressive Arts Therapy works with self-expression and the imagination, using creativity to move emotions and perceptions and transform them in a positive way.

Anybody willing to experience self-expression and allow their creative mind to communicate can benefit from Expressive Arts Therapy. Previous art experience is not necessary, since it is the process of creating, and not the product, that we work with in the therapy.

If you would like to try an Expressive Arts Therapy session to see if it works for you, I offer trial sessions at a discounted price. Find out more information in the Rates page.