Talking to the image – continued

This is a follow up from last week’s post, “talking to the image”.

After the image of the lotus had spoken, the blue circles in the image talked. The circles revealed themselves as pain.

Blue Circles

The pain I had in childhood is also physical. All that’s ever happened to me is stored in theblog body.

I am emotional pain from childhood

I am the early suffering carried through time

I feel pain, sadness and despair

I need to be left alone, I need to trust

Childhood gets in the way of all of the trauma I experienced in a dysfunctional family

I trust my own experience

What supports me is the alignment of my physical, emotional and mental life

I don’t want to believe, I just want to experience. I believe in direct personal experience

I feel the dark. The space of suffering, sickness and despair where there is no hope

I fear nothingness

I would like to deny that I am afraid of death, the physical death of my body

For the body, everything is in the present. The childhood pain is not in the past – it is happening now – always in the present

The blue circles say to the lotus

The pain is part of the process, it is not an obstruction, it is part of the process

The lotus tells the blue circles

The pain makes my consciousness human, humble, it reminds me of the impermanence of the body


To be continued…

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