Book review: The gift of therapy

I have read many interesting books by the author and psychotherapist Irvin Yalom, and one of my favorites is a book I got as a graduation present from a friend who is also an art therapist: “The Gift of Therapy, an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients”.

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On loss and grief

Grief and loss counseling can deal with a variety of situations. Some of these are:

–       death of a loved one

–       separation/divorce

–       loss of health/disabilities (cancer, HIV, AIDS, etc.)images

–       pregnancy loss and fertility issues

–       work loss

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Talking to the image – final

This is the last installment of my dialogue with an image which I painted in therapy in the summer 2012, when I was experiencing severe pain in my back and neck from a childhood injury. The insights I was able to receive were profound, and I believe that the techniques used to explore the Self through images used by Expressive Arts Therapy are incredibly valuable.

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