Intuitive painting

I have always been an artist. When I was 4 years old my father bought me a “finger painting” set, and, for about a year, me and my brother painted every night.

This experience of painting so freely became my inspiration for going to art school, and for about 20 years I was an abstract painter.

pintura 6

An abstract from my school years.

About two years ago my paintings changed completely. I started painting animals and nature inspired by the images in my dreams.

Two things had changed in my life that lead me to develop my artistic practice in that direction:

1) I overcame a mental health crisis, which gave me a completely different perspective of the world, and

2) I shifted my mode of painting to an phenomenological approach, letting the images speak to me directly form the unconscious.  This was the result of my training as an Expressive Arts Therapist, and taking many online courses.

I should mention here that the most amazing course I ever took was Flora Bowley’s “Bloom True”, and I can recommend it to anyone wishing to express their true Self through painting. Her inspiring e-course is starting soon, and I would like to endorse it fully.

Bloom True e-course

cosmic bird

“Cosmic Bird”, an image from my dreams.

ducks copy

“Poetic memory: Ducks”, produced in 2012.


















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