My first ebook and the process of writing

Well, I have just published my first ever ebook for Amazon Kindle.

About a month ago I enrolled in a tele-seminar comprising two weeks of lectures on the process of writing, publishing and marketing an ebook, and I truly enjoyed it!

What lots of people don’t know about me is that, in Mexico, in Spanish – my first language – I actually am a published writer. I published several short stories in a couple of book compilations, and I also had poetry published in newspapers and art magazines. I even got to be the opening segment of a biography writing competition compilation.

What happened later is that I moved to Canada to do my BFA, and I started thinking in English. The change of language slowed my writing process a bit. But by the end of my degree I was up to speed, writing the best essays in my art class.

I love writing. I love non-fiction, and I also love magic realism, avant-garde literature, and poetry.

As an impermanence experiment last year I wrote a Haiku about death and impermanence every night for 3 months. I highly recommend this exercise: for a period of time – you decide how long, but I recommend at least 1 month – every night, light a candle, and in the solitude of your room, think of your own death, and pour your most beautiful sentiments in a poem, as if it was really your last writing piece ever.

I decided on Haiku, but it doesn’t have to be; it can be long or short, whatever comes in the moment.

What happened to me as a result of this experiment was that my consciousness shifted a bit; I was a little more aware of the fragility of my life, and the beauty and the impermanence of all things.

I also started to count syllables spontaneously, so I could impress my friends by making upcover great Haikus on the fly.

My ebook is $3.99, but I will give a free copy to whoever wants to read it that would consider writing a review.

The ling to the Amazon page is this:

Venus Soberanes ebook

Even the bright stars

deep within the Universe

are impermanent












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